12: Commitment

12: Commitment

We believe that any couple in business can become power couples which is why we created this series. The 6Cs are the strong foundation that can make you thrive, be happy, healthy and wealthy together.

In this episode we talk about Commitment.

Commitment in relationship and business is so important. You cannot enter in half hearted, it’s all in through thick and thin. Staying committed to each other, the business and your vision and goals is fundamental to achieving that vision and building the life you want together.

Commitment is your willingness to give your time and energy to a job, activity, or something that you believe in.

This is true. Where you’re focus goes, energy flows!

Commitment is intent – focus – action

We all have choice to put in what we want; however, we believe that if you’re not willing to commit to the most important things in your life, then you won’t see these areas thrive.

Commitment requires taking the longer road, not taking short cuts which will build a more sustainable and stronger relationship and business. Or anything you’re committed to, such saving money or getting fit. There is no quick fix.

Commitment is the anchor to the vision you have created. It transforms the vision from a nice to have one day, to living in it and seeing it come to pass.

Commitment is also messy! It requires resilience and an ability to bounce back. You will be confronted with your own limiting beliefs and capabilities on what you can achieve, plus we have a memory bank of childhood memories and trauma where we might have learned to run away when things are hard.

In this episode we share some examples of how this has looked in our own lives and how to get back on track and re-commit when you go through setbacks (which are inevitable).

We hope you enjoy!

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