10: The Six C’s that make Power Couples – Series Introduction

10: The Six C’s that make Power Couples – Series Introduction

When you think of Power Couples what do you think of? The rich and famous or couples that look like they have it all and are the epitome of happiness, success, wealth and health. Everything is all together and aligned in their life and they never struggle?

Power Couple Definition (from www. lovesucessfully.com)

“It is when two confident and self-assured people who realise their worth join to dominate life. They recognise each other’s strength and weaknesses and respects each other’s independence and balances this with a healthy reliance on each other.”

We believe that couples in business can be power couples and this isn’t a status easily given, you don’t wake up together as a power couple or as soon as you start business together. It takes constant work and growth to be able to be in that unshakable place as a power couple. It’s important to know that it takes work and effort, but the rewards are rich in that you thrive together in business, home and your relationship. We can all be our own version of power couple.

We’ve created the six C’s that make ‘Power Couples’ as we believe these are the strong foundation that can make you thrive, be happy, healthy and wealthy together. You can make amazing things happen and change your life, the life of others, this planet and leave a legacy.

This episode we’ll share what the six C’s are and we’ll cover each one in more detail over the next six weeks.

What are the 6 C’s.

  • Creating Your Vision

We’ll talk in detail why it’s important to have a combined vision for your life that you’re both aligned with. You can have your own individual goals / vision but this vision is the reason you’ll wake up every day and it’s the compass that will guide you together.

  • Commitment

We’ll talk about commitment to the vision you have created and commitment to each other and to personal growth. Commitment is the anchor to the vision, so when you feel like the vision is far away, you stay committed to the course and to each other no matter what.

  • Communication

Healthy communication is so important and learning to communicate is an ongoing learning in a long-term relationship because you change and evolve as people. You need to articulate your wants, needs and desires and these will change over time, which is normal. The biggest challenge we’ve worked through is that we have changed as people, therefore what we wanted / needed in the beginning has changed over time. It’s important to communicate this and not assume you’re the same people and by doing so, you have the joy of growing together. Also being a good listener is key.

  • Compromise

Marriage and any long-term relationship will be ‘give and take’. This is not easy to do, especially when we live in a world that can be very self-focused and we’re quick to leave if our needs are not met. Of course, a healthy relationship is a two-way street, and we need to learn to compromise and find that balance of where there is give and take on both sides of the relationship.

  • Connection

Stay connected and if there is a rift between you, that makes everything harder. Be intentional in creating time to connect, touching, eye contact, date nights and doing fun stuff. Also, connection with like-minded people to help you grow and connection with self and God is important.

  • Coach

Be coachable and be willing to learn and grow. This might mean getting a coach and getting help. We’ve had business coaches over the years and recently a relationship coach, all have been invaluable experiences to help us grow our business, love each other deeply and thrive together.


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