11: Creating Your Vision

11: Creating Your Vision

We’ve created the 6C’s that make ‘Power Couples’ and believe these are the strong foundation that can make you thrive, be happy, healthy and wealthy together in business and life.

Creating Your Vision is all about why it’s important to have a combined vision for your life that you’re both aligned with. You can also have your own individual goals and vision, but the combined vision is the reason you’ll wake up every day and it’s the compass that will guide you together.

What does Creating your Vision look like?

You might already have an idea of what you would like to do with your life, or some things might feel like a ‘nice to have one day’. We felt that we were going with the motions of life, frustrated that we were not seeing the things we wanted and many of our dreams felt like a pipe dream. We started to explore our vision deeper and we had permission to think about the following questions, which opened up a whole lot of dreams and opportunities. Ask yourselves these questions and reflect….

 What is something you daydream about a lot?

If there were no restrictions around money, business, family what would be your ideal life, where do you want to live, travel, experience and who with?

Ask your 80-year-old self what you would have likes to have done?

Your created vision is both Personal and Business intertwined. Both fuel the other. For example, you might have the personal vision to travel around Australia in a caravan or go live in a castle in France, so how can your business help make that happen?

When we got clear on our personal vision, for example our desire to live by the sea, we then gave ourselves two years to achieve it, which meant also having a vision for the business, expanding it and making the changes we needed so that we could run the business more from home by the sea.

It was important that we were both passionate and in alignment about our vision and it can take some time to process. For example, together we came up against our own individual limiting beliefs, we had a different level of passion towards it, we had different motivations and different time frames to achieve it. Working through it takes lots of talking and delving into why we truly wanted this.

How to Create your Vision?

Spend some quality time together, reflecting on those questions and get talking about what you truly desire to do in your business and life, without any limitations. You can go to workshops, journal daily, vision boarding and getting a coach are great ways to help get started. It’s an intuitive process and trust you will be guided. If you already have an idea of what your vision is, make it more concrete and visible in your life, don’t hide it away as a ‘nice to do some day’. Nothing happens if nothing happens, so start making it happen!

Discovering your vision together is key to becoming a Power Couple and the beauty is it’s a wonderful journey together and when you have your vision stirring you on, you can make amazing things happen, sooner than you think.

We’re excited for you!

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