13: Communication

13: Communication

To be your own version of a Power Couple, learning to be great communicators is key, but it can be hard especially when you fall into old habits that you have learned over the years which no longer serve your relationship. Unhealthy communication styles and habits can lead to conflict, misunderstanding and resentment that creates stress and anxiety in your relationship and business, which you don’t need, and it will stop you moving forward powerfully together to create the life you want.

In this episode we share the journey of re-inventing our relationship and how we’ve worked on becoming better communicators and how it’s an ongoing journey. The biggest challenge we’ve worked through is changing our communication language so whether we’re in business or marriage mode we can speak with openness and respect and hold space for each other. It can be confusing as a couple in business trying to work out when to talk about business and keeping it separate from home and our experience it’s impossible and often our best business discussions are while we’re preparing dinner together and kids are around.

Learning to be a good communicator is letting go of old habits and stories and learning a new skill, which does take time and patience with each other. We share some great tips we learned from a relationship coach, such as using new language, eye gazing, hand holding, sharing calendars, learning to not shout and booking in date nights and business meetings.

This episode was recorded pre COVID19 so some tips, such as going out for date night won’t work in lock down, but there is still plenty to digest and apply in your relationship and business.




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