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Have you been asked the question, How do you survive being in business with your partner!!!? We have been asked that a hundred times over our 19 years of marriage and 13 years in business. Let’s be honest, any long-term partnership is difficult at times, then add a business in the mix, plus some kids (if you have them) and you have a recipe for insanity!

Building a business with your Soulmate is one crazy adventure, and not for the faint hearted. Regardless of what’s going on in your lives, you still need to show up in your business, and this can feel challenging when you’re also managing so much more, such as your home, your kids, your relationship needs, your individual needs, employees, clients, extended family and other unforeseen challenges.

As the visionaries of the business, you still need to show up, even when things are hard.

However, the truth is we’d never want to go back working under someone else’s terms and hours. Don’t you agree? It might be comfortable, predictable and paid holidays and sick leave would be a bonus, but we know deep down we’d feel like caged birds because like you, we don’t want to play small when we see big ideas for our lives and business.

The life of the entrepreneur is an amazing roller coaster ride of ever changing and evolving ideas, creativity, courage and unlimited possibilities and we’re here to help you tap into that.

It’s the most rewarding experience to pioneer a vision and seeing it come to fruition and we believe you have what it takes to build a profitable business with purpose, and live your dream life together. You are powerful together and when you access this power together, you can shift the course of your destiny and make amazing things happen.

We look forward to journeying with you and stay tuned to our podcast.

Sarah & Scott x

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