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Soulmates in Business Podcast launched with over 90 listens!

Talk about ending the year off with a bang! Soulmates in Business podcast has been a dream for a long time and last week we launched with three episodes:

Why work with your Soulmate?
The Kids and Business Juggling Act
Managing Stress & Anxiety

We’ve had nearly 90 listens from all over the world, from the UK, Spain, Germany and the USA! Have you had a chance to listen yet? We’d love you to tune in and rate us on iTunes. Reviews are the best gift you can give us to help us grow our community. Write your review here!

Episode 4 ‘Starting the Money Mindset Journey’ is coming out tomorrow!

Money mindset is a concept we see and hear a lot about these days and this episode is about how & when we started to explore our money mindset, and how that transformed our financial reality.

It’s important to get real about the money conversation, especially as a couple in business as your history around money growing up will most likely be different, and if not, you still will have subconscious thoughts and beliefs around money. And what we are not aware of (until we become aware) is those subconscious / conscious money beliefs can be the engine driving your current financial reality. There is lots to takeaway from this episode that we’re sure you can relate to. 

Episodes will be coming out weekly that’ll keep you entertained for your Christmas and Summer holiday driving!

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We’ll touch base again after Christmas. We just wanted to say an enormous THANK YOU and wishing you a wonderful Christmas. Here’s to the next decade of seeing all your dreams come to fruition and seeing your business grow in profit and purpose. 

Love Sarah & Scott

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