01: Why work with your Soulmate?

01: Why work with your Soulmate?

“Running a business together, married and with kids is one big, crazy adventure.”

Welcome to Soulmates In Business! This podcast is for purpose-driven couples, to help them grow a successful business AND thrive in their relationship.

We’re Sarah and Scott Butler. Having been married for 20 years and in business for 13, with a lot of stories to tell and insights to share, we started the podcast with a goal to create a community centered around entrepreneurial and business couples.

The key thing is that no matter what stage of life you’re in, you’re not alone, and the connections and relationships that you build from talking to other couples in business are unlike any other because they too are in the same position, and they’re the ones who truly understand what it takes.

We’ve always shared an entrepreneurial mindset, and that’s how it all started for us. We were even talking about business ideas while dating, with a common desire to attain and create that freedom in life that we all ultimately want, as well as the ability to make a difference in the world for others as well.

Always yearning for something of our own, and with previous business experience under our belts, we started started Organic Angels in 2006, an online home delivery service for certified organic fruit and veggies.  From the humble beginnings and making deliveries from our home kitchen, we grew with the business and expanded organically, now employing 13 staff, 3 delivery vans and serving over 350 homes a week.

Working with your soulmate can be a roller coaster ride, but there’s so many learning experiences in overcoming those challenges, and it’s what makes you grow as a couple and in business.

In this episode, you will discover:

  • The fundamental mindset shift that allowed us to create our ideal lifestyle for us and our children.
  • How we pushed through our limiting beliefs of what we could and couldn’t do, which also meant leaving the dingy house in Melbourne suburbs for a beautiful home on the beach.
  • What it means to be your own boss – your growth and income potentials become unlimited.
  • When you work with your partner, husband or wife – there’s more power when there’s two of you working towards something together.
  • And more!

“You can drive each other, and sometimes you have to carry each other, but when you’re both in that zone where you’re actually really moving forward together, you can just smash out the most amazing things.”



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