06: Systemising Business & Home

06: Systemising Business & Home

Time can feel limited when you’re running a business together plus managing a home and kids if you have them. As business owners we can fall into the trap of doing everything, including things we don’t really need to be doing and then we wonder why we’re feeling frustrated! It’s important to make time to explore how you can create and invest into better systems and processes because it can free up your time to spend on things that are important in the business and in the home. We can also forget to put value our time and we fall into the trap of doing everything or believe its part and parcel of being a business owner. Or we’re hesitant to invest in new technology, because of the outlay or risk, however exploring new ways can save you time and money, as we’ve experienced in our business.

In this episode we share some changes we have made in our business and home to save time, money, admin and unnecessary stress.

Part of our success in business, we believe is having excellent systems in place to make sure every area of the business is running efficiently. Some of our biggest investments have paid off financially as they’ve saved us money in wages and time. In this episode, we talk about our new website which was a relatively large investment and how that has reduced hours of administration wages and time. We moved our accounts across to Xero as it speaks to our CRM, we introduced Deputy for our employee time sheets (which also connects to Xero) and one of our biggest headaches, HR has been eased by using Employsure, an external company who helped formalised all of our employee documentation, contracts and compliance, plus more ideas.

We run a tight ship at home and Sarah is ‘ultra’ organised and her friends often admire the fridge and pantry because it’s so organised! However, Sarah was prone to doing lots around the home and watching Marie Kondo on Netflix helped her change and look at how much time she was spending on shopping, cooking and cleaning up after kids, all BIG ‘pain points’! We share why we don’t employ a cleaner, why a tidy home is important, how Sarah menu plans and batch cooks, how setting a routine helps with harmony in the home.

So, what if you feel there is a million things that need to be simplified and systemised right now and don’t know where to start?  Choose what is your biggest pain point and work on that.

The money and time you spend improving a system in your business can be time for you to spend on other things such as growing your business, up-skilling, reading a book, working out at the gym or spending time with your kids.

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